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This page has information about Felicity Raybould’s website (at felicityraybould.com) and Felicity Raybould’s use of social media, together with the terms on which you may access and use content. It includes information about intellectual property rights in images and sculptures, and Felicity’s use of personal data.

1. Who is Felicity Raybould?

Felicity Raybould is a sculptor. She provides the content of this website in her personal capacity.

She can be contacted by email: sculpture@felicityraybould.com

2. Purpose of this website and social media content

This website contains images of some of the sculptures and other artistic works created by Felicity Raybould, and provides other information about Felicity, her works and related topics. Felicity Raybould may also use social media channels (such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn) to provide information about her works and to comment on related issues.

Whilst efforts are taken to ensure details are up to date, you should check with Felicity before relying on any information she provides on this website or on social media.

3. Intellectual property rights

The content and the branding of this website and within Felicity’s social media posts are protected by intellectual property rights of Felicity Raybould and her licensors. The content is provided for you to view information about Felicity and her works. You may link to this website or social media posts (and do other normal social media activity such as re-tweeting), provided this does not involve any unlawful use of content and is not misrepresentative or defamatory of Felicity or her works. Unless agreed in writing with Felicity, you may not otherwise use or copy content.

In particular: Felicity Raybould owns all copyright and other intellectual property rights in all images and sculptures shown on this site and within her social media posts. You may not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or commercially exploit any such images or works without the explicit written permission of Felicity Raybould.

Felicity asserts all moral rights in relation to her works.

4. Communications and personal data

Felicity welcomes queries and comments about her work as a sculptor, including relevant feedback and opportunities. However, you should not use her contact details (from her website or social media accounts) for other purposes.

If you contact Felicity, she may store your contact details and the content of your communication in her legitimate interests for handling your query and keeping records of relevant activities and communications. Felicity may contact you in response to a query, comment or post made to her, or about her or her works.

Felicity may also connect with or follow you on social media in order to keep up to date with your activities and issues of interest in relation to her work as a sculptor.

If you would like more information about Felicity’s use of your personal data or your related data protection rights, please contact Felicity using the contact details in section 1.

5. Your responsibilities

You may not make any unlawful or unauthorised use of any website or social media content, such as images, text, software, and confidential, personal or sensitive information.

You may not use Felicity’s contact details or social media accounts to send unlawful or unauthorised communications or content, such as content which is abusive, offensive or defamatory, spam or bulk communications or other unlawful marketing communications, communications which misrepresent you or someone else (or your or their activities), or content which infringes other people’s rights (such as intellectual property or privacy rights).

You may not make any other unlawful or unauthorised use of Felicity’s or her service providers’ equipment, software or networks, such as attempting to gain unauthorised access, introducing any virus or other malware, or causing any ‘denial of service’ attack.

6. Links and content of other parties

This website or Felicity’s social media posts may contain links to websites, content or contact details of other parties, or may otherwise refer to content or contact details of other parties. Felicity has no control over the availability or security of such websites or content, nor the accuracy of such content or contact details.

Felicity also has no control over cookies used by other websites or social media providers.

7. Limitations on Felicity’s liability to you

The content of this website and Felicity’s social media posts is provided without any promises or guarantees (including on availability, completeness or accuracy). To the maximum extent permitted by law, Felicity will not be liable for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) which you suffer as a result of: (a) the use of any content or this website (including any reliance on information); or (b) the unavailability of any content or this website.

These limitations of liability are not intended to impact Felicity’s responsibilities to you under any separate contract with you (such as for a sculpture commission) or under data protection or privacy laws, or the law of confidence.

8. Changes to website, content and terms

Felicity may change the content of this website or social media posts at any time, or withdraw access to this website or social media content, for any reason. She may also update these terms from time to time (last updated on 12/02/2021).

9. Governing law

These terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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